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Best and healthiest Juice ever.

I love the delicious juice that reminds me of my childhood in Germany and it helps me quickly when I am coming down with a cold. I give it to neighbor children with coughs and in a day or two they are well. Have given them your address, hoping they order from you.

Awesome product for meadmaking!

We just used CurrantC concentrate for one of the first batches of what we believe will be our bestselling mead. The product is amazing and a much better quality than other types of "concentrate" on the market. Obviously we won't know for sure how well it does in the mead for a few months, but it certainly smells delicious in the fermenter! So happy to be able to use a NY State product for our mead.

This is AWESOME!

I am a chef who is interested in health. I know the many health benefits of black currants, so I was grateful to find Currant C and their desert topping is extraordinary! The myriad of possibilities in which to use this topping are unlimited.


This black currant syrup is excellent: not too sweet, no additives, presented in an attractive bottle. It is highly recommended.

Best Preserves Ever!

I am not a jelly, jam, preserves kind of person... but this has changed my mind. Love the tart flavor of black currants! Just love this product!

Excellent Raw Honey

I love this product - it's in an easy to pour glass bottle - fantastic!

You Can Taste the Wild

As a child, honey was so sweet to me that I sometimes gagged. Then I discovered "Forest Honey" which is more aromatic and has more "bottom". Best appreciated on plain yogurt or grapefruit (or both), or some lemon juice. When I tried this honey, it was a similar but different flavor - of course it's sweet, but it doesn't choke me. It's a though you could actually taste the currants in there with the other wild plants that attracted the bees with their gifts. A gourmet gift, and a keeper.

Spoiler Alert!

This chocolate bar will spoil you for any other. It is so delicious and so unique, I will no longer settle for anything else. The flavor, texture and aftertaste are perfection. I'm trying not to rush to order a case.

Yummy Fragrance

We let the candle burn for a couple of hours in the early evening, and it made the room smell so delicious and cozy.

Great for Gift Giving

I'm very thankful to your farm for providing delicious and local products. Everything is very delicious.