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The Currant Farm

Greg Quinn The Joy of Seasons Happy vernal equinox! The first day of spring here on the farm was greeted with 5” of snow. I keep a journal from year to year and last year... Previous Notes from
The Currant Farm

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This Week's Special This Week's Special
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Great Product

You may be pleased to know that we just enjoyed CurrantC with our dinner tonight! We are keeping this nectar in our refrigerator this summer. Our three boys love CurrantC mixed into Sprite! And it makes a lovely syrup over vanilla ice cream. They also like the lingonberry syrup we can get at IKEA and the pomegranate concentrate and blueberry concentrates. I am introducing these for the anti-oxidant properties and to avoid the artificial dyes.

They had black currant juice on menu. My daughter said it probably had a lot of vitamins and antioxidants why don't you order some.

Wow boy was I glad I found your site. I have been trying to find black currant extract in the US.

Thank you for CurrantC...

I have been drinking imported black currant juice for years

What a pleasure to get blackcurrant juice again!

I bought some of your juice at the Whole Foods in Beverly Hills last week. I LOVED it

Rec'd case of CurrantC (B'ham yesterday) in great shape...

Thank you for the wonderful treat of CurrantC at the AIDS Walk Boston....

I tried CurrantC for the first time last month.... I just love it!!

I am so thrilled to discover your company...

The black currant drink certainly had me reminiscing...

grew up in Oxfordshire,England and know the benefits

Finally the magic of currant comes back to America!

I appreciate you making this wonderful concentrate available to us over the years

True that I use other food supplements, but I believe Currant-C makes its own contribution.

I purchased your current juice and put some in my protein concoction shakes and love it.

I had not had currants since I moved to the U.S from Poland, that was 26 years ago.

Recíd case of CurrantC (Bíham yesterday) in great shape ñ was able to take a bottle to the geriatrician with whom I ëworkí. Also, refrigerated one to share with my husband last night ñ serious YUM!!! My first thought, when tasting, was ësimilarí to pomegranate juice. My second taste revealed the ërealí flavor ñ WOW! Thanks for the introduction and probable subsequent addiction ñ ha!


Thank you for the wonderful treat of CurrantC at the AIDS Walk Boston. Your presenters were most helpful, informative and engaging. I loved the drink on many levels.

I am Patricia Baranek a farm girl from Wisconsin. I tried CurrantC for the first time last month. My mom was the one who told me to try it when I was home visiting my family at Christmas. I just love it!!

I am so thrilled to discover your company. I am originally from Russia where currants were my favorite berries. I couldnít find black currants here in the US until now and I have missed it so much. Unfortunately, I still wouldnít be able to get fresh berries, but at least you sell frozen berries. So I am interested to get more information on your products and prices. Thank you.

What a pleasure to get blackcurrant juice again! I used to live in Britain, and enjoyed Ribena. It was most interesting to learn why blackcurrant juice has not generally been available in New England. I wish you best of luck, and will continue to buy your product at my local P&C grocery.