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Can't say enough about my refreshing experience.I love my currants.plan to be back again, and again.Thanks again for allowing me.To puchase this wonderful product.

I was researching black currants and I found link to your web site. On my vacation in upstate NY I was in a Polish restaurant in Lake George. I wasn't feeling well, thought I was coming down with a cold. They had black currant juice on menu. My daughter said it probably had a lot of vitamins and antioxidants why don't you order some. I tried it and liked it. I will make it part of my diet. I must say I really felt better after drinking the juice. There is a store in my neighborhood that sells your juice. I will definitely buy the product.

Wow boy was I glad I found your site. I have been trying to find black currant extract in the US. I studied for a time in Scotland, and they had a drink, called a 'snakebite,' that consisted of half a pint of lager, half a pint of hard cider, and a drizzle of black currant.

Thank you for CurrantCÍ. Your product is a magical apparition in my town..bringing back memories from my French native country I left 30 years ago.

I have been drinking imported black currant juice for years and I'm looking forward to drinking the domestic brand. Thank you for making this possible.

What a pleasure to get blackcurrant juice again! I used to live in Britain, and enjoyed Ribena. It was most interesting to learn why blackcurrant juice has not generally been available in New England. I wish you best of luck, and will continue to buy your product at my local P&C grocery.

I bought some of your juice at the Whole Foods in Beverly Hills last week. I LOVED it. What a terrific product! I will be telling all my friends. Thanks!

Rec'd case of CurrantC (B'ham yesterday) in great shape ˝ was able to take a bottle to the geriatrician with whom I 'work'. Also, refrigerated one to share with my husband last night ˝ serious YUM!!! My first thought, when tasting, was 'similar' to pomegranate juice. My second taste revealed the 'real' flavor ˝ WOW! Thanks for the introduction and probable subsequent addiction ˝ ha!

Thank you for the wonderful treat of CurrantC at the AIDS Walk Boston. Your presenters were most helpful, informative and engaging. I loved the drink on many levels. First, being a health care provider I like it's benefits; Second, most of my family hails from England so I know of Black Currants but never thought about why I didn't see much of them in the States and third; I grew up in NY State so I like the fact that they're being grown there. YummyÍI look forward to buying some at Whole Foods. Thank You.