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I am a farm girl from Wisconsin. I tried CurrantC for the first time last month. My mom was the one who told me to try it when I was home visiting my family at Christmas. I just love it!! After finishing the drink I started to read the back of the bottle and was interested in why black currants had been outlawed in the U.S. I asked my dad if he had heard about black currants being outlawed when he was a child. He looked up at me and said without pauseÖ"white pine blister rust" and this is the story he proceeded to tell meÖ. My dad was born in 1921and has been a farmer all of his life. Our family farm is over 100 years old and when he was 6 years old he remembers 3 men coming on the yard to tell my grandfather they had come over to remove all of our black currant bushes. My father stood and watched the 3 men dig up 6 of the bushes that lined our long drive way. My grandfather was so sad because he would pick the currants and dry them. He carried the dried currants in a pouch and would nibble on them when he worked the fields.† So I will wish you all the best and I hope my story brought a smile to your heart and face. Thanks for bringing this delicious and healthful drink into our lives. Thank you for your time and praise god for the family farm!!!

I am so thrilled to discover your company. I am originally from Russia where currants were my favorite berries. I couldn't find black currants here in the US until now and I have missed it so much.

The black currant drink certainly had me reminiscing: My grandmother used to grow black currants in her garden in Slovakia, and we would pick them in high summer when they ripened. She made a thick syrup that we then mixed with water. She would keep the bottles in a cool pantry all year long. The drink is surprising: I was searching to the ingredients to see if there is yogurt in it, as it felt like that to me, but there is none. It is really lovely, not too sweet. So, thank you, for bringing back some childhood memories.

Hi, I was a sickly child growing up in England. I was given black current juice in many forms and even warmed up. I recently had a discussion with some americans,as I now live in CA. to the wonderful benefits and they insisted that I was talking about raisins in some form or shape. I am so happy to have discovered your drink and if you ever need a resource in Northern CA. I am more than happy to be that for you, as I can strongly attest to the benefits. Gerry

I am thrilled to discover CurrantC, and even more thrilled to learn of The Currant Company's mission! I just moved back to Upstate NY (Central Mohawk Valley!) after 7 years living in Salzburg Austria. Drinking Johannisbeersaft (Black Currant Juice) was a daily drink for me. FYI: I recommend mixing CurrantC with Mineral or Sparkling water for a great drink! Anyway, it is great to see someone correcting this ban, and having the will to move forward and re-introduce such a great fruit back to America. Best of Regards, from a "New" customer.

I assist quite a few people with Almineís 5 month Purification Program for Systemic and Chronic Disease as well as helping them follow the Body Ecology Diet. Black Currant concentrate is one of the few acceptable fruit drinks on the diet. Mixed with Stevia it tastes delightful. I also add it to my home-made Alaska jams and jellies for extra flavor.

While they are marketing tart cherries for anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory effects on joints, etc. I believe by the same chemical processes of a dark berry with a tart taste, the results are parallel. I put a spoon full of concentrate in my hot tea, add Splenda and get a delightful hot drink that seems to ease my age pains. True that I use other food supplements, but I believe Currant-C makes its own contribution.

I purchased your current juice and put some in my protein concoction shakes and love it. Just had to have an angiogram and had a "clean heart" w/no blockages or valve problems. Antioxidents sure help.

I had not had currants since I moved to the U.S from Poland, that was 26 years ago. We grew red and black variety. I missed eating them straight off the shrub. I found Currant C by accident on the internet and ordered black currant concentrate. Thank god for Currant C!

Recíd case of CurrantC (Bíham yesterday) in great shape ñ was able to take a bottle to the geriatrician with whom I ëworkí. Also, refrigerated one to share with my husband last night ñ serious YUM!!! My first thought, when tasting, was ësimilarí to pomegranate juice. My second taste revealed the ërealí flavor ñ WOW! Thanks for the introduction and probable subsequent addiction ñ ha!

OH! and cases arrived safely in NC as well- thanks for your great attention to detail and sense of urgency!