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Thank you for the wonderful treat of CurrantC at the AIDS Walk Boston. Your presenters were most helpful, informative and engaging. I loved the drink on many levels.

1-Being a health care provider I like itís benefits.

2-Most of my family hails from England so I know of Black Currants but never thought about why I didnít see much of them in the States.

3-I grew up in NY State so I like the fact that theyíre being grown there.

YummyÖI look forward to buying some at Whole Foods.

Thank You.

I am Patricia Baranek a farm girl from Wisconsin. I tried CurrantC for the first time last month. My mom was the one who told me to try it when I was home visiting my family at Christmas. I just love it!! After finishing the drink I started to read the back of the bottle and was interested in why black currants had been outlawed in the U.S.. I asked my dad if he had heard about black currants being outlawed when he was a child. He looked up at me and said with out pauseÖîwhite pine blister rustî and this is the story he proceeded to tell meÖ. My dad was born in 1921and has been a farmer all of his life. Our family farm is over 100 years old and when he was 6 years old he remembers 3 men coming on the yard to tell my grandfather they had come over to remove all of our black currant bushes. My father stood and watched the 3 men dig up 6 of the bushes that lined our long drive way. My grandfather was so sad because he would pick the currants and dry them. He carried the dri!

ed currants i n a pouch and would nibble on them when he worked the fields.

I just wanted to share this story with you because I was so impressed with my fatherís ability to remember in detail about the reasons the bushes were outlawed. You see Greg, you never state on the bottle why the bushes were outlawed just that they were. I looked up the information online and let my dad know he was right! I would love to purchase more of your juice , but I am an unemployed teacher at the moment and at almost $4.00 a bottle it is just a luxury and out of the question to purchase for me at this time.

So I will wish you all the best and I hope my story brought a smile to your heart and face. Thanks for bringing this delicious and healthful drink into our lives. Thank you for your time and praise god for the family farm!!!


I am so thrilled to discover your company. I am originally from Russia where currants were my favorite berries. I couldnít find black currants here in the US until now and I have missed it so much. Unfortunately, I still wouldnít be able to get fresh berries, but at least you sell frozen berries. So I am interested to get more information on your products and prices. Thank you.

What a pleasure to get blackcurrant juice again! I used to live in Britain, and enjoyed Ribena. It was most interesting to learn why blackcurrant juice has not generally been available in New England. I wish you best of luck, and will continue to buy your product at my local P&C grocery.