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Healthy, antioxidant-packed, all natural,
CurrantC™ Black Currant nectars are now available!

CurrantC™ all natural, premium Black Currant nectar is available in the refrigerated section of supermarkets across America and Canada. In 2009, we developed 5 new delicious flavors of Black Currant based nectars. In addition to our original CurrantC All Natural Black Currant Nectar, we now offer a CurrantC Black Currant Boysenberry Nectar, CurrantC Black Currant Strawberry/Kiwi Nectar, CurrantC Black Currant Clementine Nectar, CurrantC Black Currant Passion Fruit Nectar, and CurrantC Black Currant Blueberry Nectar. In each of these, the healthy Black Currant is the predominant fruit. All CurrantC Black Currant nectars contain a higher percentage of Black Currants than other 'ready to drink’ beverages.

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