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About Greg Quinn

In 1999, Greg Quinn, a culinary and horticulture expert, also known as WNYW’s “Garden Guy,” grew interested in black currants and founded CropPharms, located in Clinton, New York, an area in the Hudson Valley well-known for its culinary and farming heritage (the Culinary Institute of America and specialty farms, ranging from garlic and wine to goat cheese, are nearby).

Working with leading experts in the field, he decided to attempt to bring back the U.S. black currant industry by first getting the ban lifted in New York State, giving hope to a struggling New York farming industry with the first, potentially-viable crop to come along in more than a half century.

photo of Greg Quinn

Greg Quinn was instrumental in overturning the original U.S. ban on commercial cultivation of currants in New York. He now farms this unique berry on one of the first currant farms in the U.S. and he has the only dedicated currant nursery in the country. His passion for nature, gardening and cooking has served him well while teaching at the New York Botanical Garden and numerous other teaching venues for over 25 years and in his on air rolls as “The Garden and Nature Guy” on several radio stations, WNYW TV out of New York City, the B. Smith with Style national TV program and more. His company manufactures and sells the first domestically produced, nationally available currant products in the U.S. under the brand CurrantC™ All Natural. Quinn has written 8 children’s books, a meditation book for teachers and numerous national magazine articles. He also ran and cooked for a restaurant in Bavaria, Germany. These days he enjoys his agrarian lifestyle on the farm in New York’s beautiful Hudson Valley.