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Summer Rain

We had some pretty heavy rains at the Currant Farm last week which the new currant berries loved. They’re still green but beginning to plump up nicely.

There’s only one harvest a year with currants so the weather during weeks leading up to harvest is critical. Too much rain can cause different types of fungus and since I don’t spray fungicides on the farm, that can be a real issue. A far worse and more common problem, though, is not enough rain. No rain, means having to irrigate using the irrigation ponds I’ve dug as long as they still have water in them. As a farmer, one of my pet peeves is when TV and radio meteorologists warn of “A Threat of Rain!” Sunny days by the pool and beach are great….but so is eating. No rain, no food.

So, a day of steady showers broke the dry spell we were starting to get into and came at just the right time. When we have a steady summer rain at the end of a dry spell, I love to imagine the rejuvenating droplets falling several hundred feet from some unnamed cloud, splashing on the mean, armored clay and convincing it, with gentle persistence to soften its countenance and open itself to nature’s ambrosia. Then, seeping deep into the soils, the drenching swells the withered roots of the currant bushes, wildflowers, Riesling grapes, sugar bush and countless trees as they absorb this liquid life and pass it from saturated cell to cell to the furthest most tips of their being. These musings connect me to the natural world that is the Currant Farm and always makes me happy.

Another thing that makes me happy is Ice cream on a hot summer day and nothing, and I mean nothing compliments cold ice cream like our CurrantC™ sweet and tart Black Currant Topping. It’s 100% fruit, all natural and with no sugar added. In Fact, the only thing that makes our Black Currant Topping better is when it’s FREE so this week, to celebrate the season of summer, I’m giving away a free 11oz jar with every $50 or more purchase. HERE’S TO SUMMER!

Cheers from the Currant Farm,