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Greg’s Farm House Low Sugar Black Currant Jam

You don’t need a farm house kitchen for this recipe. It’s simple, quick and in about an hour you’ll feel like you’ve been making homemade preserves your whole life. You’ll have wonderful homemade jam for yourself and your family and the best last minute gift ever. There’s nothing like a gift you made yourself from fruit grown on the farm and best of all, it’s the finest jam you ever tasted.
Unlike many soft fruits, Black Currants have a high amount of pectin and so don’t need to add any processed pectin. This is a low sugar recipe compared to most but I find it just the right balance.

Greg’s currants are placed into the freezer truck right in the field as they come off the bushes. They’re unprocessed and unwashed (no problem because we don’t spray them). These are the next best thing to you picking them off the bush yourself.

Makes roughly 6 x 8 oz jars
(For large batches, I usually triple this recipe. Any multiple will work)