A Summer Moment on the Currant Farm Pond

He stands stone still in the mirror of the pond,
focusing beyond and beneath his majestic reflection below.

Small flocks of single leafed duckweed collect around his willow legs,
which stretch up to a feathered cloud of blue grey smoke.


A triptych of painted turtles emerge from the water
to mount a black birch log,
onated to the pond many storms ago.

Parapets collecting sun and life.

A muskrat emerges from the half sunken portal to her villa in the lido.
Her waterproof pelage glistens in the sun.
As she parades 4 hungry pups across the pond To a lunch of cattail canapés.

Buzz and bumble choke the sultry air As squabbling swallows swoop and dart consuming myriads of Minibeasts with each pass.

Then, without portent, the feathered smoke
of the Great Blue Heron Magically becomes lightning,
Striking the water with his sabre and seizing his scaly lunch.

Always enjoyed head first.

Cheers from the CurrantC Farm,