Asters in Autumn

What’s not to love about fall? The season has arrived and with it, Mother Nature has burst into a beautiful sea of color.

You often hear people talk about the leaves changing, but flowers give off a  stunning array of colors this time of year  as well. In fact, the beginning of fall for  many folks is marked by when the asters  bloom. Asters are daisy-like flowers that  have grown in the wild for centuries.  They come in shades of purple, blue,  white, and occasionally pink. The cool  tones allow autumnal hues of yellow,  orange, and red to show up as the  weather begins to change.

These colorful fall flowers start blooming in late August, and peak in September and October. As some of the last wildflowers to bloom each year, they’ll continue blooming and gracing us with their colorful presence until the first frost.

All our Currant Farm honey bees love these Asters of Autumn growing freely in the Honey Bee Wildflower Field… especially because these flowers are one of the last sources of pollen and nectar for honey bees. Before winter comes, the bees must gather a surplus of nectar and pollen. Thankfully asters produce an abundance of both as they bloom in the fall.

 If you’d like to help your local honey  bees prepare for winter, why not plant  some asters? They’re relatively easy to  grow and sure look pretty as part of your  landscape. A great outing for the whole  family is to collect the seed pods of wild    asters after the flowers are finished in  fields and scatter them on your own  property or other abandoned fields to  increase the population of this natural,  deer proof pollinator forage. Plus, asters  are perennials, so they’ll come back year  after year to provide late-season pollen  and nectar for your local bees.

As we all begin to prepare for winter, it’s a great time to stock up on your Currant products! Currants are packed with vitamin C, potassium, iron, calcium, manganese, and magnesium, to keep you healthy as the weather turns colder. They’ve even been crowned the “Number 1 Super Fruit”!  Best of all, the flavor is unique and absolutely delicious

Cheers from the farm,