Poignancy on the Currant Farm

There’s not a day that I don’t feel grateful for this farm and my life on it. Winter blizzards and gentle, quiet snows, summer thunder storms and rainbows, spring days tinged with the first warmth and bursting with promise and cool, grey, autumn afternoons heavy with reflection and thanks. They are all gifts and none better than the other. Just perfectly different. For me, I can’t imagine a better life.

My days start early here on the farm. The newspaper is delivered at 4:30 am and many years ago, I trained my chocolate lab, Coco to go out, find it and bring it back to me. For years, she would happily charge out on sub-zero mornings to dig it out of a snow bank or dash through torrential rains to fetch it without noticing she was drenched. It’s her job and like my jobs on the farm it gives our lives meaning. She’s an old girl now and has quite a few miles on her. Arthritis has gotten the better of her, so I now carry her out in the morning and set her down in the grass to relieve herself. I then go get the paper, bring it to back to her. She takes it from my hand and holds it in her mouth while I carry her back into the house. She then drops it in the same spot on the kitchen floor that she has for years and collects her biscuit payment. Her job is done and she’s happy. And so am I.

That’s very much the way it is here. The cycles of life are more poignant on a farm than most any other place I can think of. A farmer is witness to and engaged in birth, death and everything in between on a daily basis. The crops, livestock and a treasured Labrador companion are his charges, his loves, his life. They are cared for, nurtured and cherished throughout their whole cycle. As I carry Coco outside in the pre-dawn hours these days, I am reminded of my great good fortune to live on this farm and how lucky I’ve been to share it with the wonderful companion now in my arms. Sometimes, the poignancy stings.

We hope to get another few thousand currant seedlings planted in the next week so our supply will be secure. Never has there been a better time for fruits bursting with Vitamin C antioxidants and minerals. Your orders help us to keep farming and producing this incredible, healthful berry. You’re a crucial part of another cycle of the farm and I respectfully thank you for your business.

Cheers from the farm, Greg