Black Currant Gin & Cream Tea (Caffeine Free)

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Black Currant Gin & Cream Tea exudes elegance and class in a cup. When you’re looking for a pronounced flavor profile that is exciting and unique this is your go to. Black Currants, juniper berries, lavender and vanilla intermingle to give this rooibos blend its outstandingly wonderful aroma and taste.

True to its ingredients, this blend starts off fragrant, piney and floral and ends with tantalizing tastes of smooth vanilla and cardamom. All the while remaining grounded by robust rooibos and slightly tart Black Currants. A soothing yet sophisticated cup.

Try it cold – chilled or iced, it is delicious! With Black Currants, South African rooibos*, juniper berries*, lavender*, marigold flowers*, cardamom*, and flavor, *organic. Caffeine free. 20 servings - 50 grams (1.76 oz.)

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