Black Currant Granola

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Now made with Currant Farm Raw Honey!

CurrantC’s™ brand new Black Currant Granola has taken old fashion comfort food and elevated it to a whole new level with our CurrantC™ dried Black Currants recipe. The oats deliver impressive numbers in fiber and iron, while the nuts add heart-healthy unsaturated fats and some protein and combined with the wholesome, delicious Black Currants, our CurrantC™ Granola is like nothing else on the market today.

Our Granola is perfect stirred in with yogurt, added to muffins, baked in bread and sprinkled on a salad. Roll a banana in CurrantC™ Granola and freeze it for a great, healthy after school snack for the kids. No time for lunch? Just toss a bag in your desk drawer, purse or glove compartment to quell those hunger pangs anytime, anywhere. Don’t forget to stick a bag into your carry on. It’s so much better than the processed crackers and phony cheese you get on flights these days.


Old fashioned oats, dried black currants, almonds, coconut, canola oil, CurrantC™ raw honey, vanilla, salt.

Allergen warning: Contains tree nuts

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