Black Currant Huckleberry Tea (Caffeine)

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Black Currant Huckleberry Tea is a blend of black tea, Black Currants and huckleberries picked from the mountains of Idaho and Montana. Huckleberries are cherished by bears and humans alike. This tea blends the sweet, tangy Rocky Mountain berry with the tart profile of Black Currants. 

Your first sip will transport you to where the huckleberry grows, high in the mountains and the distinctive notes of the Black Currant accent the wild. Enjoy this black tea as an early morning wake up, mid-day pick me up, or even chilled on a hot summer day.

Black tea*, huckleberry*, black currant, blackberry leaf*, flavor, caffeine. *Organic 20 servings - 50 grams (1.75 oz.)

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