Black Currant Tea (Caffeine)

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Black Currant Tea (also known as Black Currant Kenyan Tea) is a premiere black currant tea blend. The taste of this tea, like our black currants, is tart and earthy, with just a whisper of sweet. 

This tea blend marries our black currants with two Kenyan teas, Hand Rolled Purple and Beliote Black (beliot(e) means elephant in Nandi, an indigenous clan from the Western Highlands). The naturally beautiful purple color of the Black Currants is further enhanced with the purple Beliote and Butterfly Pea Flowers.

This purple tea is not only delicious but is really healthful as well. Black Currants are rich in vitamin C and other potent antioxidants and the purple tea, with high amounts of anthocyanin, are antioxidant rich, too. And as if that’s not enough, the antioxidants from the butterfly pea flowers makes this blend an antioxidant powerhouse. This is not a sweet berry blend but is full bodied tea which is sophisticated, complex and layered. This tea is just wonderful hot and equally so cold!

Ingredients: Black Currant, hibiscus*, butterfly pea flower, lemon myrtle*, peppercorn, elder flower*, flavor, caffeine. *Organic 16 servings - 40 grams (1.4 oz.)

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