Plant "Willoughby"


Delivery is expected in Early Fall 2024

Pre-Order Black Currant Plant "Willoughby"

Rooted seedlings that will grow to reach 3 - 5 feet tall. Good production of distinctive tart flavored berries ripening early to mid-season.

We apologize but due to individual state regulations, we cannot ship currant plants to DE, MA, ME, NC, NH, NJ, RI, or WV. 

The Black Currant plants will only grow in a Plant Hardiness Zone of 7 or below. due to this reason we won't ship orders to these locations and will refund your purchase price for orders about 7.

Currants can be grown in planting zones 3-6.

We grow our Currant seedlings in pure organic compost made right here on the farm. All plants are shipped bare root during the Spring and Fall planting season only.


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