CurrantC™ Raw Honey w/ Wand

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Unlike most of the commercial supermarket brand honeys which have had the pollen and healthy removed to be sold separately or destroyed through high heat pasteurization, our Currant Farm Honey is raw, triple cold filtered and the natural, healthy pollen is left in. This is the purest honey you can find. Our hard-working bees gather nectar and pollen from the pesticide free blossoms of over 140 different species of wildflowers, bushes and trees growing in the beautiful fields, orchards and woods right here on the farm.

This cornucopia of different flavored nectar and pollen is available to the bees from early spring to late fall and is the true magic of this natural treasure. Close your eyes with your first taste and let a drop of this rare, golden honey sit on your tongue and experience the many layers of floral notes of this sweet symphony of the bees. We are not a large commercial producer and we never buy honey from anywhere else so there is
a limited supply. When it’s gone, it’s gone so order today.

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