Reno, The New 8 Month Old Farm Dog

It’s a typical January morning here on the Currant Farm; dark, cold with snow flurries.

Reno, the new 8 month old farm dog has been learning how to get my paper every morning and bring it in. At this stage, he’s a little more interested in the fun of grabbing the paper and enjoying how easily it tears than he is about getting it into the house. These things take time and lots of patience. Coco, the chocolate lab that passed away last year had the whole process down pat. She was as excited about getting the paper to me in the morning as I was receiving it. I especially loved to.

I love my mornings. The quiet, peaceful, contemplative time before everything else in the world wakes up. I treasure my daily routine and it’s simple pleasures. My cup of freshly ground black coffee, a bowl of steel cut oatmeal with a sprinkling of healthful black currants and drizzled with honey from my bees and a piece of whole-grain toast from the baker in town with real Irish butter and my delicious Black Currant jam …and, of course, the morning paper just delivered by my canine companion with a couple of holes.
Life on the farm always offers good moments, no matter what.
Cheers from the Farm,