Wood Ducks on the Currant Farm Pond

The stunning male Wood Duck’s glossy green head caught my eye, while the less ornate, yet still elegant female glided along beside him. As I watched, the female flew to a nesting box at the end of the pond, which I’d built many years ago. She landed on the box where her eggs were laid, as they had many times over the last several years. Wood ducks often return to the same nesting site, and I’m honored that this mother duck chose our Currant Farm as the place for her little ones to begin their lives.

Once the eggs are laid, the female will sit on them full time for 30 days. They usually hatch all on the same day and the new ducklings will climb out of the box and jump to the ground the following day. That first step is a rough welcome to the world. They immediately head to the water and safety of brush around the pond. Mom and Dad are always nearby, keeping watch.

For a time, the Wood Duck population was in serious decline. The development of the artificial nesting box gave a boost to the Wood Ducks and they’ve readily adapted. You can search online for instructions on how to construct a box or simply buy one. Then you can help boost the population of this amazingly beautiful duck like we do on the Currant Farm.

And to thank you for considering doing your part to help the Wood Duck, or for simply joining me in appreciating such a beautiful creature, I’d like to tell you about our current special at the Currant Farm

Cheers from the farm,